[indiegogo] The Unseen - 10mm fantasy

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Petit up du sujet avec le dernier update en date : les envois vont commencer ! Par contre il y a un problème avec le Géant de la gamme Evil Men...

Citation :received all the minis today : 22 kg !
I'm beginning the posting process right away ; I'll proceed by chronological order.

Just one bad news : the giant for the Evil men broke several time during the casting process (my bad, as I modified the legs several times without adding armature). Due to the time (and money) involved to repair it and its relatively modest popularity (only two orders !), I decided to NOT produce it for the moment being. The site will be modified accordingly. I'll email the two backers to ask them if they want a refund or replace it with another item.
I don't know if I'll make another one, it is likely but don't quote me on this as several manufacturers produce valid alternatives (In 15mm, or even in 28mm !).

On a more positive note, the other miniatures came great and I can't wait for me to finish the posting so that I can paint some myself.

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