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Les squelettes sont bien (pas de cranes hypertrophiés avec des battoirs ) mais 2 reproches
- équipements grecs mais pas de casques
- pas simple a monter car très fragile (des os très cassant, même mon chien est mort de rire)
Quelques infos (en anglais) trouvées sur le forum lead adventure. Le livre de règles est annoncé à 30£.
Citation :     Warlords of Erehwon transports us to the multifarious fantasy realms of fiction, folklore and myth, placing us at the head of a fighting force of our choosing. Model warbands clash across fantastical tabletops as humans and monsters, the living and the dead, war over the spoils of victory in a universe of heroes, sorcerers and the supernatural.

Our game has been designed with a single objective in mind - to allow us to play fast paced and exciting miniature battles upon a modestly-sized table between rival forces of that we describe as warbands. A warband represents your own band of warriors - courageous humans, blood-thirsty monsters, perhaps even minions that you have raised from beyond the grave to do your bidding.

Your force might typically comprise a few dozen models organised into loose groups of fighters, commonly five to ten strong each, or a single model in the case of chariots, giant monsters and war machines. This gives us our ‘warband’ style game, large enough to provide scope for scenario building, with plenty of opportunity to reward tactical play, but at the same time keeping things manageable in terms of the size of our forces and space required.

Warlord of Erehwon uses ten-sided dice providing for a game with mechanical depth and considerable adaptability. An intuitive universal dice test system means that play proceeds at a good pace once players are familiar with the core mechanics. A host of unique and entertaining attributes ensure that different creatures fight and behave after their own fashion, bringing their own mix of strengths and weaknesses to the fight.

The sequence of game play is determined by a dice-bag draw, and units are activated one at a time in a way that engages and challenges both players. A draw for your warband is an opportunity to launch your attack, or perhaps to set an ambush, maybe to seize a tactically important part of the battlefield, or to cast a spell and turn the tide of battle in your favour. Beware though - for whatever you do there is no guarantee that the next draw might not favour your foe - a Warlord of Erehwon must be prepared for all situations.

Force selector lists are included to represent the following warbands :

Barbarians - Axe-wielding Northmen, heroic chariot-riding Fianna, mounted hordes from the Steppe and even Mammoth riding Neanderthals.

Beastmen - Bestial furry masses in half-animal form, braying, snorting and grunting with mutant might.

Dwarfs - Who do you think you’re calling short? Sturdy axe wielding maniacs with a heady dose of dour and tempers even shorter than they are.

Elves - Touched by magic and faster than a flying arrow, the Sidhe of ancient legend and races of popular fiction - all reside herein.

Gnolls - Creatures of canine descent and dogged determination - fearsome fighters of monstrous appearance and insatiable taste for flesh.

Goblins - Undersized and mean-spirited critters dangerous in numbers. Just don’t turn your back. Not for a minute.

Halflings - Pint sized humanoid creatures in the tradition of ‘the wee folk’. Remarkably accurate with any missile and deceptively innocent in appearance.

Knight - A retinue of medieval style romance and popular fiction complete with armoured knights, brave yeomen, courtly wizards and sturdy peasants.

Olympian - The heroes and warriors of Greek legend together with their rivals and associates from myth and popular culture.

Orcs - Thuggish over-sized monsters, blessed with simple minded brutality, keen on large-unwieldy weapons, not too bright.

Undead - The walking dead, skeleton warriors, zombies and malevolent spirits led by Necromancers, Liches and Wraiths.

Monsters - our selector list provides for all the giants, dragons and other traditional fantasy monsters that can also be included as part of any warband.» 
Entre ca et saga on est gâtés!

Les figs sont plutot moches mais effectivement pas tres chères. Puis y'a tellement de choix chez les autres fournisseurs qu'il sera aisé de trouver son bonheur! J'ai juste peur pour les échelles entre ceux qui recyclent du GW et ceux qui jouent en vrai 28mm.

Là comme ca pour moi ce sera du grec (surement des figs victrix) avec du monstres et du héros de mythic battle!!
Moches, je trouve pas, c'est question de gout. On sort du design communément connu (warcraft, warhammer), mais c'est pas mal du tout.

C'est un design trés compatible avec moult gammes de figs indé, d'ailleurs.
Effectivement plus je les regarde plus les squelettes me plaisent avec leur coté Jason et les argonautes!!!

Du coup des grecs + héros/monstres versus squelettes + monstres ça pourrait donner un truc vraiment sympa!
C est aussi Jason et les Argonautes.
- Qu'est ce qu'il y a de mieux dans la vie Conan?
- Écraser ses ennemis, les voir agoniser devant soi et entendre les lamentations de leurs femmes.

Oui j'ai modifié...je confonds toujours les deux films ^^!
C'est plutôt de l'escarmouche d'après ce qui se dit ici.

Les skeus sont très bien on dirait les anciens de GW avec de plus chouettes boucliers.
grosse escarmouche, non ? A la dragon rampant/saga ?
Oui c'est c'est ça, comme saga.
A few dozen ... grouped five to ten...

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