Neuvième Âge : Liste des fabricants de figurines
Voici une liste (a priori exhaustive) des compagnies dont les figurines peuvent être utilisées pour créer vos armées du Neuvième Âge :
(MàJ 28/11/19)

Les liens et la traduction suivront ^^ (ça demande du boulot !! Rolleyes )

–––> Également, le site du Neuvième Âge comporte une section qui présente tous les choix de figurines possibles pour chaque unité du jeu : lien. Choisissez votre armée, choisissez votre unité, et boum Smile

Pour savoir ce que signifient les abbréviations telles que « HB », « FN », etc., voir la liste en fin de page.*

Compagnies qui soutiennent officiellement le Neuvième Âge :
  • 3dartdigital (O&G characters)
  • Admiralty Miniatures (ID, Elf Archer, scenic bits and 15mm ID) Etsy-store
  • Aenor Miniatures (30mm character miniatures and Trolls & Goblins)
  • Avatars of War (character models for several factions, along with DH and WDG plastic regiments range)
  • Battle Bits (VS converion bits)
  • Crosslances (STL files for 3D printing: various armies, sculptor for hire)
  • Dancing Yak Miniatures (ID, 3D terrain)
  • Dragonclaw Miniatures (currently EoS, O&G and VS)
  • Fireforge Games (plastic miniatures, Forgotten World: KoE, EoS, VC, weapons and shields)
  • Grabblecast (living mushrooms and forest, scenery bits)
  • Hidden Dreams Miniatures (resin miniatures for many armies)
  • Hungry Troll Miniatures (Monty Python KoE, pirate Goblins, fantasy football)
  • JH.Miniatures (HE and Koe characters) and a YouTube channel with great painting and sculpting tutorials
  • Katsina Minis (BH, SA and spiders)
  • Knightmare Games (BH, DL, ID, O&G & WDG)
  • Krakon Games (BH, DH, WDG, SE, O&G, DH)
  • Kromlech (DL, O&G)
  • Labmasu (character miniatures EoS, DH, SE, fantasy football: necromancer and mutations)
  • Last Sword Miniatures (making a large range of elves, EoS and bits)
  • Lost Kingdom Miniatures ([high quality armies for lexicon]ID[/lexicon], O&G and soon SA)
  • Lubart Miniatures (VS, UD, KoE)
  • Merc Market (printed miniatures: SA, VC)
  • Mierce Miniatures (Darklands: resin warbands and extremely detailed monsters)
  • Mirliton (oldschool fantasy armies)
  • Model Age (your concept to product)
  • Molecules of Hatred (dwarf character)
  • MOM Miniaturas (a lot of resin fantasy armies)
  • Norba Miniatures (a lot of resin fantasy armies, large range per army and LOTR style miniatures)
  • Old School Miniatures (DH, DL, ID, O&G, monsters, Undead Gnomes and Halflings)
  • RedLine Miniatures (SE)
  • Rotten Factory (DL, ID, SE, WDG, monsters and bits)
  • Shieldwolf Miniatures (plastic miniatures and uniquue armies, EoS, DL, O&G, OK, SA, WDG and arabic themed miniatures)
  • Tabletop Miniatures Solutions (originally themed fantasy armies: BH, KoE, UD, VC, WDG)
  • Titan Forge (many unique fantasy armies and DL in the sci-fi range)
  • Titan Wargames (ID, O&G)
  • Txarli Factory (UD, VS, mats and terrain)
  • Watchful I Studio (historical and fantasy ranges of the far east)
  • Westfalia Miniatures and Publishing (fantasy armies and RPG miniatures)
  • Windmaster Miniatures (Some fantasy races and scenery)
  • Wood-Axe (various fantasy miniatures, DH)
  • Yedharo Models (GT Studio Creations) (O&G and WDG, soon DH)

Autres compagnies :
  • 1st Corps (historical miniatures, mostly interesting for KoE and EoS)
  • Aberrant Games (Rezolution: mutated vampires)
  • Alchemist Miniatures (Alkemy)
  • Alternative Armies (Old school High Fantasy miniatures, also in smallscale, The world of Valon: Napoleonic fantasy range)
  • Ammon Miniatures (Da Clash: Goblins)
  • Andrea Miniatures (32mm heroes)
  • Antediluvian Miniatures (DL, VC, dinosaurs)
  • Antimatter Games (DeepWars and Shadowsea: [DL}, SA and Amazons)
  • Anvil Industry: (25mm ID)
  • Ares Mythologic (vampires)
  • Armorcast (DragonRune: O&G, OK SA and monsters)
  • Artel "W" Miniatures (O&G, characters for DL, DH, Elves, EoS, WDG)
  • Artizan Designs (particularly landsknechts and swiss guard for EoS)
  • Aventine Miniatures (28mm historical-ancient)
  • Bad Squiddo Games (believable female miniatures)
  • Battle Buddies (large monsters, EU shipping only)
  • Battlezone Miniatures (oldschool fantasy armies)
  • Bears Head Miniatures (BH, VC and (undead) animals)
  • Bitspudlo (DL, UD and futrue kits)
  • BlackChapel Miniatures (30mm DH, EoS, SE and WDG)
  • Black Scorpion Miniatures (range of 29mm pirate-themed models)
  • Black Tree Design (large range of oldschool fantasy models)
  • Blight Wheel Miniaturen (beasts and bits)
  • Bombshell Miniatures (32mm female character models)
  • Boodwar Games (DH)
  • Bridge Miniatures (DH, O&G, VS Halflings and Giants)
  • Brigade Models (Celtos)
  • Brother Vinni (28mm character models)
  • Bronze Age Miniatures (miniatures for the bronze age)
  • Casting Room Miniatures (EoS)
  • Clam Miniatures: (Ewal Dvergar: ID)
  • Claymore Castings (medieval miniatures range: E0S and KoE)
  • Conqueror Models (dark age DH, various monsters and giants)
  • CMON (Currently only A Song of Ice and Fire in the ASMODEE shop)
  • Copplestone Castings (historical, 10mm )
  • Corvus Corax Miniatures (35mm character models)
  • CP Models (wide range of RPG fantasy miniatures)
  • Creature Caster (large daemons and monsters)
  • Crocodile Games (Wargods)
  • Crooked Dice (7TV: BH)
  • Dark Fable Miniatures (Fantasy Egypt, O&G, WDG)
  • Darkling Games: (ID)
  • Dark Sword Miniatures (wide range of characters and monsters)
  • Davale Miniatures (HBE kickstarter)
  • Dead Earth Games (The Shattered Crown, Pirates of the Dread Sea)
  • Demented Games (Twisted: steampunk)
  • DGS Games (Freeblades)
  • Diehard Miniatures (@'Tim Prow': BH, DE, DH, EoS, KoE, O&G, SA, SE, VC, WDG)
  • Draco Studios (dragons)
  • Durgin Paint Forge (DH Confrontation style)
  • EM4 Miniatures (super cheap plastic dwarves and orcs)
  • Euphoria Miniatures (Resina Planet range)
  • Eureka Miniatures (large historical and fantasy)
  • Fantization Miniatures (Special Editions and Rusted Heroes)
  • Fenryll (large range of oldschool fantasy)
  • Figone (highly detailed large resin sculpts)
  • Evil Miniatures (monsters and busts)
  • Flying Frog Productions (board game miniatures: Shadows of Brimstone and more)
  • Forge World (large monsters, ID and a few characters)
  • Forlorn Hope ([Cavalcade and Grenadier)
  • Four A Miniatures: (a long list of miniatures)
  • Freebooter Miniatures (Freebooter's Fate: 32mm pirate-themed game)
  • Games Workshop (plastic miniatures for most armies)
  • GameZone Miniatures (wide range of fantasy armies)
  • Ganesha Games (A Song of Blades)
  • Garry Hunter Miniatures (Fantasy Warr)
  • Gaspez-Arts (mostly football-themed models)
  • GCT Studios (Bushido)
  • Golem Miniatures (a few 35mm character models)
  • Great Escape Games (SA Coatl, UD vultures)
  • Greebo (fantasy football-themed models)
  • GrimForge Miniatures (EoS, KoE, O&G, VC, VS)
  • Gripping Beast (SAGA)
  • Hasslefree Miniatures (fantasy character miniatures)
  • Heresy Miniatures (RPG and warband fantasy miniatures)
  • Hitech Miniatures (Monsters and mounts)
  • HQ Resin (O&G, EoS, VC and terrain)
  • Imagine 3D Miniatures (make your own custom miniatures)
  • Imbrian Arts (resin character miniatures)
  • Impact! Miniatures: (WDG, 3D printing service and fantasy football)
  • Iron Mask Miniatures (Dwarf Musketeers)
  • Iron Wind Metals (classical fantasy armies)
  • Kabuki Studio (female miniatures)
  • Kaha Miniatures (mostly larger minis, suitable for monsters and monstrous infantry)
  • Karol Rudyk Art (Dragons and VC)
  • Kazuka-mini (Monsters, sculpting service)
  • Khurasan Miniatures (a huge range for 15mm fantasy)
  • Kimera (large scale miniatures)
  • Lead Adventure (Bruegelburg, EoS and DH)
  • LeBeN Models Miniatures (DL, WDG)
  • Legendarion (Asian themed miniatures, Confrontation style, BH, EoS, O&G, UD and VC)
  • Limbo Miniaturas (Eternal War)
  • Lion Tower Miniatures (digital and print: EoS, WDG)
  • Lucid Eye Publications (The Red Book of the Elf King, Enter the savage Core and a lot more: WDG barbarians)
  • Macrocosm: (pirate and historical DH, ID, Halflings, pirate Goblins, provides a casting service)
  • Mad Puppet Miniatures (high quality resin characteres)
  • Mantic (full armies for Kings of War, KoW - Vanguard and Dungeon Saga)
  • Maow Miniatures (a French club that has miniatures in limited runs made)
  • Marrow Production (boardgame and resin casts for Journey: Wrath of Demon)
  • (DL, WDG, 3D printing and sculpting service)
  • medfan games (Astrahys: BH, DH, DL, E0S, O&G, SE, VC, WDG)
  • Megalith Games (Godslayer)
  • Micro Art Studios (Wolsung: steampunk, Terry Pratchett miniatures)
  • Midblight Miniatures (DH, O&G)
  • Midlam Miniatures (models for various fantasy factions BH, DH, O&G, VC)
  • Mini Monsters (rotting miniatures and animals)
  • Minion Miniatures (BH, DL, WDG)
  • Mithril Miniatures (miniatures for LOTR games)
  • Modiphius Entertainment (large collection of board game and roleplay miniatures)
  • Mortal Arrow Miniatures (spiders, beetles and trolls)
  • NeverRealm Industry (Summoners: DL, OK, VC and elementals)
  • NonSense Miniatures (OK, WDG and japanese style fantasy)
  • Norsgard Miniatures (Norsgard: fantasy warbands)
  • North Star Military Figures (plastic miniatures: Oathmark, Frostgrave, Of Gods and Mortals and many more games)
  • Old Glory Miniatures (25mm DH, WDG)
  • Otherworld Miniatures (RPG miniatures)
  • Pacesetter Games (RPG miniatures)
  • Paizo (Pathfinder)
  • Para Bellum (Conquest: plastic miniatures for WDG)
  • Perry Miniatures (historical miniatures, EoS and KoE)
  • Privateer Press (Warmachine, Hordes, Iron Kingdom and more)
  • Prodos Games
  • Punga Miniatures (fantasy football: O&G, VS)
  • Puppetswar (DL, stone golem for Hold Guardians)
  • RAFM (fantasy armies)
  • Ragecraft (character miniatures)
  • Raging Heroes (DE, DL, EoS, female miniatures)
  • Ral Partha (large oldschool range for fantasy armies)
  • Ramshackle Games (Orcs)
  • Reaper Miniatures (huge RPG store, Bones)
  • Reclusive Phoenix Entertainment (Cthulhu style miniatures)
  • Red Box Games (fantasy warbands)
  • Red Dragon Miniatures (O&G, VC, WDG)
  • RGD Gaming (Wargamer D: BH, VC)
  • Russian Alternative (DH, ID, O&G and other fantasy armies)
  • Sabre Miniatures (Halflings KoE or EoS style, Saracens)
  • Safari Ltd (toy dragons)
  • Sandstorm Miniatures (old school monsters)
  • Sans-Detour (Confrontation)
  • Scale 75 (35mm fantasy characters)
  • Scibor (DH, ID, O&G, OK, WDG monsters and various unique designs)
  • Scotia Grendel Productions (fantasy miniatures and scenic bits)
  • Shortwars (DH, ID, O&G, OK)
  • SignumGame (Legends of Signum)
  • Siren Miniatures (character miniatures)
  • Slave 2 Gaming (O&G, KoE)
  • Soul Dark (cheap plastics from Russia: Castlecraft and Tehnolog)
  • Spellcrow Miniatures (BH, DH, DL, ID, O&G, SE, VC)
  • Statuesque Miniatures (a few RPG miniatures)
  • Steamforged Games (Guild Ball and Board Games such as Dark Souls)
  • Steel Fist Miniatures (Asian EoS)
  • Steve Barber Models (ancient: DE Hydra, animals and renaissance ranges)
  • Stonehaven Miniatures (premium role playing figures)
  • Studio Miniatures (Medieval Mayhem: Monty Python KoE, horror)
  • Tabletop Art (BH, VC)
  • Tehnelog (54mm toys: OK, WDG)
  • Tercio Creativo (1650, spanish style fantasy miniatures)
  • The Assault Group (DH, EoS, VC and Halflings)
  • The Battleforge (Halflings. ID, O&G, OK)
  • The Little Soldier Company (Tenoch range)
  • The Tékumel Club (dedicated to the creation of 28mm scale miniatures depicting the flora and fauna of M.A.R. Barker's Tékumel setting)
  • Thor Miniatures (DL)
  • Thunderchild Miniatures (Wasteman, lots of mutated miniatures)
  • Tiny Tales Studio (DL, OK and bits)
  • Trolls under the Bridge (O&G, WDG)
  • TTCOmbat (Troll Trader: characters, soon Halfling EoS and VC)
  • V&V Miniatures (28mm historicals: KoE, WDG)
  • Warcradle Studios (this is TrollTrader: Carnevale, relics)
  • Wargames Foundry (various historical and oldschool fantasy: Citadel)
  • Warcradle Studios (this is Wayland Games: Wild West Exodus)
  • Wargames Atlantic (plastic Skeletons)
  • Wargames Exclusive (O&G)
  • War Gamma (DL, WDG)
  • Warlord games (Warlords of Erehwon and hail Ceasar)
  • Warmonger Miniatures (sister company to Wargames Foundry: different miniatures can be found here)
  • Warploque Miniatures (Arcworlde)
  • West Wind productions (Empire of the Dead, Vampire Wars, Lucifer's Wars, Dwarf Wars)
  • White Knight's Miniature Imperium (Renaissance themed fantasy miniatures: DH, EoS, O&G, VC, Halflings, Sea Elves, sold by The Assault Group)
  • Willy Miniatures (limited and football miniatures)
  • Wizkids (official miniatures for: D&D, Pathfinder, Magic the Gathering)
  • Wyrd (malifaux and Through the Rift: weird/horror and steampunk)
  • Zealot Miniatures (DH, WDG and DL)
  • Zenit Miniatures (wide range of Japan/Asian Miniatures)
  • Zinge Industries (mutants, terrain bits and loads of bits)

*Signification des abbréviations :
  • AS : Anciens sauriens
  • BA : Barbares d'Åskland
  • CM : Cavaliers makhars
  • Cu : Cultistes
  • CV : Conclave vampirique
  • DI : Dynasties immortelles
  • EdS : Empire de Sonnstahl
  • EN : Elfes noirs
  • ES : Elfes sylvestres
  • FN : Forteresses naines
  • GDS : Guerriers des Dieux Sombres
  • HB : Hardes bestiales
  • HLE : Hautes Lignées elfiques
  • KO : Khans ogres
  • LD : Légions démoniaques
  • MdV : Marée de Vermine
  • NI : Nains infernaux
  • OG : Orques et Gobelins
  • RE : Royaume d'Équitaine
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