Si vous n'êtes pas dans le groupe Mordheim de facebook, vous aurez peut-être manqué cette news assez sympa:
Tuomas Pirinen, game designer à l'origine du jeu, s'apprête à signer les règles d'une nouvelle figurine (non officielle) anniversaire pour Mordheim, réalisée hors du cadre GW, pour les fans.

Le personnage n'est autre que Luthor Wulfenbaum, qui guidait le joueur tout au long du livre de règles. L'objectif étant de faire un cadeau à la communauté, thuomas et l'équipe derrière le projet s'efforcent d'en faire une figurine la plus accessible possible, pour le moment évaluée à 5€. Pour ce prix, vous aurez accès à une figurine modulable (plusieurs têtes, bras...).

Comment commander? On attend encore les infos, mais autant prévenir, j'ai cru lire que les commandes seraient limités.

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Time for a last update before opening the floodgates of the pre-orders! To sum this all up:
First off, this obviously is not an official Mordheim product: the rules are homebrew, and the miniature is just inspired by the rules. This is strictly non-profit affair as well -no one is making money out of this.
To celebrate this community, we are making rules, art, and a new miniature made available to the group! The character in question is a Dramatis Personnae Luthor Wulfenbaum, the Crimson Blade of Reikland, who acts as the guide to the player throughout the rulebook. He will be a customisable, multi-part model that you can kit out as a swordsman, archer or a sorcerer, and can be hired by any Warband. Rules will be provided by Yours Truly.
The idea is to provide the miniature at the lowest possible price to as many people as possible, following the original vision of affordability and accessibility. Current target price of the model is 5,50 USD/5€, to be confirmed later.
Visual miniature design is done by Owen Matthew Aurelio (first sketches included in this post, though note this is still work in progress!)
A new illustration of Luthor is provided by the mighty John Wigley himself, the man who was (along with John Blanche) responsible for creating a lion’s share of the art in the Mordheim rulebook! I’ve attached the line drawing by John to this post. The final, inked version will be posted to go along with the official rules.
Now let's hear it: ARE YOU EXCITED YET?!?!?!?!?
Here is the background of Luthor in his various guises:

Luthor Wulfenbaum is known by many illustrious names, all invented by himself to enhance his reputation. He offers his services to anyone and everyone, and dons one of his many and varied garbs to best match the needs of a warband looking for help. He Alternately claims to be the greatest swordsman in all of the Empire, an invincible bowman, or a great dark wizard when a less savoury warband is looking to bolster their eanks. In reality Luthor is none of these things, but he usually finds a way to hoodwink the Warband long enough with a combination of backstabbing, cunning, ruthlessness and sleight of hand to claim his pouch of gold before disappearing into the shadows, looking for a new Warband to gullible enough to pay for his services.

M:4 WS:4 BS:4 S:4 T:4 W:2 I:4 A:2 Ld:8
Skills: Step Aside, Dodge, Expert Swordsman.

Most commonly, Luthor approaches new Warbands and claims to be the Crimson Blade of Reikland, the most fearsome swordsman between the Sea and the World’s Edge Mountains, extorting a hefty price of gold for his services.
Armed with a sword, dagger, and has a suit of heavy armor and a helmet. He wears an eyepatch.
The Crimson Blade: Luthor is an expert at backstabbing enemies already engaged in combat (attacking enemies engaged in melee from behind gives Luthor +1 to hit, +1 to wound and +1 to Injury rolls).
Disengage: Luthor knows that discretion is the better part of valour, and thus he is an expert at disengaging from combat. During his own movement phase, he can move away from any melee without his enemy having a chance of making any attacks. He can even charge another enemy this way.


When Luthor hears that a Warband is looking for a master of the mystic arts, he grabs his “magical” staff decorated with a nailed fish, and starts ranting in a mixture of Tilean, Estalian, Norse and Bretonnian with Reikspiel swearwords thrown in, claiming that these are "magic spells".
In this alter ego Luthor can offer his services even to the more unsavoury warbands such as the Undead who are looking for magical help in the dark corners of the settlements like Cutthroat’s Haven or the Dragon’s Demise.
In battle Luthor fights with clay orbs filled with Tilean Fire, Luthor throws these missiles with great accuracy and claims that they are fireballs conjured with his mystic powers.
Armed with a staff (counts as a club), wears Heavy armor concealed under his garments, uses clay orbs containing the alchemical mixture known as Tilean Fire.
Fireballs: Luthor can throw his clay orbs of Tilean Fire in the missile phase. They have a range of 8”, and suffer no hit penalties for long range. If the orb hits, the target suffers 1 S2 hit from the bursting flames, and in addition the model needs to roll under the Initiative at the start of its next turn in order to see through the smoke. If the model fails, it cannot charge or shoot until the beginning of its next turn.

Luthor is a decent marksman, and he is especially good at boasting of his achievements as an archer, and equally good at claiming that any of his misses are due freak gust of wind, curse of a witch, or the Halfling Pie he ate last week.
Armed with a longbow, hunting arrows, heavy armor. Luthor uses Black Lotus in his arrows.
In this guise Luthor does not cover either of his eyes as it would ruin his aim.
Boast: Before taking a shot in the Shooting Phase, Luthor may (thought does not have to) boast how he knows he is going to hit the target. If he hits the target, any model in his entire Warband can re-roll any failed Leadership until the beginning of Luthor’s next Missile Phase. If he misses, the entire Warband suffers -1Ld cumulative penalty until Luthor hits another target.
J'avais vu et je soutiens l'initiative !
C'est vrai que c'est très bon, ça.
Dommage que ça se passe sur fesse-caprine, mince.

le squat
mince on cause d'un jeu pour les vioques là
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Facebook est un truc de vieux, tu sais.

En tout cas, ouai, c'est une chouette initiative!
Tuomas Pirinen poste un nouveau message avec les règles du personnage, je ne sais pas si c'est les mêmes que celles déjà copiées ici, au cas où je met le lien là pour plus tard:

Il cite également la page instagram de l'illustrateur:
Voilà c'est en pré-commande par là:
Une résine et une métal, aux alentours de 5-6eu chacune.

Tuomas Pirinen a écrit :We are live! The miniature is now available for pre-order! This 28mm limited edition collectors piece will be available for 20-30 days.
The model comes with one body and 3 heads, plus various arms and weapons that allow you to build it as three different warriors: an archer, wizard and a swordsman.
Available both in resin and metal (5,50 USD and 5,75 USD). As noted, this is strictly a non-profit venture, so these are offered at cost.
Miniature design by Owen Matthew Aurelio!
Miniature production is by Chiafele Giuseppe, who will answer all your questions in this thread.

L'annonce, toujours sur facebook:
le pdf des règles:
Mise à jour sur la sculpture de la figurine et pa la même occasion le nombre de membres de la page Facebook qui dépasse maintenant les 10000 membres. Si vous cherchez des joueurs dans votre région c'est probablement le moment d'y faire un tour.
[Image: 80313660_10159224849354408_2505920942551...e=5E65A4F5]
Si vous n'avez pas craqué pour la figurine, malheureusement c'est trop tard; les précommandes sont clôturées.

Nouvelle mise à jour de la figurine mis en pose avec les 3 sets
[Image: 82133131_10159316254639408_4505808327187...e=5EAC3299]
Cette fig est vendue 5€ ??!! O_o'
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5,5 en résine, 5,75 en metal, mais comme dit plus haut, elle n'est plus dispo

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