Partie de 32000 pts
Partie de 32000 pts
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Vyper CS 2 3/4
Vyper CS 2 3/4
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scenario 2  patlancien/le captain dc 2006
scenario 2 patlancien/le captain dc 2006
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Lonely Gamers : Peinture d'armée. Historique.
Old Glory Swiss Pike for The Great Italian Wars Last week I was very lucky to be offered nice collection, of 28mm Old Glory Miniatures Swiss Pike for The Great Italian Wars, from Mick Curley. Mick had painted the figures, including the flags, a number of years ago and had not used them since, so they had been gathering a nice layer of dust over the years. However over the weekend I was very busy rebasing the lads for Basic Impetvs and finally ...
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Full Spectrum Dominance : Blog de Georges Mac
Mechanicus Reclaimator  ALL NECROMUNDA, ALL THE TIMEAnother addition for my Necromunda collection, this week sees my custom Bounty Hunter "The Reclaimator" added to the field, along with his macabre familiar. The original model is the Drakoath Chieftain who first appeared in Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower, and the inspiration came from a similar conversion I first saw on Facebook. This model was a long time ...
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Wappelious : Le blog de James Wappel
Ghost Division: The new PZ 38T Zug The new Tank Platoon box sets from Warlord Games have been really handy, especially some of the Early War kits like the Panzer 38T Zug.  Since I like to emphasize just how many of the Czech designs were used, this box is perfect!I was able to make one of the 38T's for our Barbarossa campaign, and another for my France '40 battle reports.  This was done in the markings of the 7th Panzer ...
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Hastalafigurinasiempre : Le blog d'Ajax/Cyrus33
Valdimir Minusovitch Cortexov Salut à toi, compañero figuriniste !Deftones, Engine n°9 pour se mettre à l'aise... Un vieux titre (1995, aïe !) du tout début de carrière des Américains et un clin d'oeil au gars dont on va parler juste après, vu que c'est un fan du groupe !L'ami Minus, connu pour son amour immodéré du violet (alors que son nom américain est Pinky, c'est à n'y rien comprendre...) et comme créateur du ...
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